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Gasket: Metal jacketed6000000373
Gasket; Spiral wound; ASME B16.206000000365
Gasket; Ring; non-metallic; ASME B16.216000000364
Gasket; Solid metal, ring type*6000000371
Gasket; Metal grooved6000000380
Gasket: Specialty, ring non-metallic6000000381
Gasket; Spiral wound, heat exchanger6000000383
Gasket; Metal grooved, heat exchanger6000000384
Gasket: Specialty, heat exchanger6000000385
Gasket; Precut, synthetic fiber based6000000374
Gasket; Precut, graphite based6000000375
Gasket: Precut, elastomer based6000000376


(SAUDI ARAMCO) - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is :10012476 Plant # 30000427 Download
SABIC - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 500190
SAMREF - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 10180
SASREF - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 1002940
MAADEN- Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 5073
TASNEE- Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 106692
SADARA- Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 1000000593
HALLIBURTON- Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 1227411
GASCO - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 042850
TAKREER - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 042850
ADGAS - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 100368
ADMA - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 10367
ADCO - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 006927
KNPC - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is :1006498
BOROUGE - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 702748
QATAR PETROLEUM - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 302553
OMAN REFINERY - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: 212357
JSRS - Approved Supplier Vendor ID number is: SA100070

Quality Certifications

  • ISO Certificate 9001-2015
  • EMS Certificate
  • HSE Certificate

Quality Testing Services

  • PMI Testing services
  • Hardness Testing Services
  • Compression Testing Services

Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Gulf Gasket Factory to fully comply with or exceed the requirements of the customer regulatory requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. In order to achieve continual improvement within all aspects of the business, measurable objectives have been set within the organization with the overall aim of: Reducing Process and Product Non-conformance Improving Process and Product Performance Characteristics Improving Customer Satisfaction Levels Improving System Effectiveness and Efficiency The company has set Key Performance Indicators throughout the business operations in or continually monitor, measure, analyze and review the performance compared to targets and to active results where deemed necessary. Our valued customer is our most cherished asset and it is our policy to continually in level of in order our services by producing quality products that are delivered on time at the least pose to become the benchmark supplier against which all others are judged. Providing timely and efficient customer service, creating an environment where pe trained, involved and committed to continues improvement. The Quality Management System meets the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2015

Quality Objectives

Top Management has ensured that quality objectives for the system, its processes and the product have been established at relevant functions and levels within the organization. Permanent objectives have been established for: Continual Improvement of System Implementation Continual Reduction of Product and Process Nonconformity Continual Reduction of Customer Complaints Continual Improvement of Customer Satisfaction Indices Continual Improvement of Supplier Performance The objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy. Key Performance Indicators have been identified in order to measure and analyze the performance. The Analysis of Data and Management Review procedures define how data is collected, analyzed, reviewed and acted upon in order to achieve continual improvement. The system process have been planned and designed in order to achieve the objectives and to continually improve performance in all areas. To ensure that the system planning includes the changed requirements are identified and integrated into the systern. Gut Gogat Factory