Gulf Gasket Factory Transformation

By : Britz Britania, Jr.

The Factory is now moving towards a new direction by structuring our new management systems operation to clearly define its multi-function operations in addressing the customer service based on their unique requirement.

2017 marks the beginning of GGF in this line of business industry where the complexity of the product is tailored to satisfy the customers needs according to their specific standards.

In our new management system, we now clearly address the challenge of every customer to give and offer to them the services fit to their industry requirement

By complying the various standards set forth by GGF, Today, it is not impossible to offer you our competitive customer services and quality products focusing on your value to us being our partners in achieving our common goals.

Gulf Gasket Factory is launching New Website Page

By : Froilan M. Dupale

As part of our new beginning, GGF management has launched our New Website Page to reach out to our valued customer where they can easily access our services thru various inquiries on the services they want to know on our products and services.

The New Web Page is dedicated to prospective customer to place their orders, clarify their concerns and to effectively communicate them in a timely manner.

Welcome everyone!

New Employees

By Mr. Arles Boboyo

1. Mr. Samuel E. Pajanostan, Jr. is our new Marketing Coordinator. Samuel is responsible in coordinating the daily task of Marketing and Sales transactions bridging Gulf Gasket Factory and its valued customer.

Mr. Samuel took up his BS Architecture Course (undergraduate) at Far Eastern University in Manila.

He joined Gulf Gasket Factory on 11 February 2017. Mr. Samuel is from the City of Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

2. Mr. Crisanto Fernandez is our new Storekeeper. Mr. Crisanto is responsible in controlling our store and issues the materials according to the approved request. He is reporting under the supervision of the Material Controller.

Mr. Crisanto took up his BS Computer Programming NC IV at the Central Institute of Technology in Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines.

He joined Gulf Gasket Factory on 28 March 2017.

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