Message From the General Manager

Gulf Gasket Factory being one of the first and established manufacturer of various gasket requirements in the biggest Oil and Gas companies in the entire Saudi Arabia and GCC, is now fully recognized as a major supplier in this industry because of our unique quality products.

In the last 24 years of existence since 1993, the factory has managed to evolved to the various challenge of times and technology. We gave our full commitment for the total satisfaction of our customers. This is our number one priority and concern, a company you can rely on.

Our contribution to the needs of Oil & Gas key players goes beyond their expectation as we are bounded to do by our Mission and Vision. Our Quality Standard delivers maximum level of performance as guided by our Quality Objective thru our Quality Policy Statement.

Lastly, Gulf Gasket will continue its noble commitment to every customer’s requirement and will consider every single details of your needs to serve you better.

Thank you very much.


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